What's inside the mobile SDKs?

We offer the following ready to use components


  • Encourage your users to take an action on an event they like, directly in your app.
  • No need to close the app and switch to a messenger to tell his friends about a great event.
  • Increase the interactions in your app.
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Suggest possible dates

  • The user can suggest some dates or times.
  • He can see all the entries already in his calendar to check his availability. No need to switch to the calendar app.
Calendar Image

Invite people from address book

  • The user can select the people he wants to invite directly from his address book.
  • Everybody can be invited, no matter if he/she also has your app or not.
  • So also people who don‘t have your app yet and aren‘t your customers yet are reached and are invited to one of your events.
Address Book Image

Send invitations

  • The invitations get send automatically via Push Notifications, E-Mails and SMS.
  • The user can see the visualisation while the invitations get send.
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