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We offer everything you need to integrate a scheduling experience

Mobile SDKs

Easy to integrate SDKs for iOS and Android with ready to use User Interface elements.

Server API

Want to use your own UI? Simply connect to our Gatherer API and manage polls on the fly.

Web Interface

For customers who don’t own your app yet we provide a web interface for voting and conversion.

Unifying & Socializing

Integrating Gatherer leads to lots of benefits for you and your customers

Increased Ticket Sales

The likelihood of gatherings is increased which leads to higher ticket sales. Bigger groups get organised more easily.

Increased Customer Reach

Every invitee is a potential new customer. Invitations therefore lead to an increased reach of your product.


Your apps & sites get socialized because people get to interact with each other. Breathe life into your products.

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Save Costs & Time

The SDKs, Server API and Web Interface are ready to use. Get an immediate advantage over your competitors.

Easy & Fast to Integrate

The SDKs can be implemented super fast into your existing apps. Plug & Play is the way to go.

UX Optimized

The user experience is already tested by our products and gets improved constantly. You profit from our effort.

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Our beta includes:

  • A mobile SDK for iOS and Android
    • Easy to integrate in your App
    • Create polls to vote for dates and time slots
    • Show the users address book where he can select the people which should vote for the poll
    • Ready to use calendar UI showing system calendar entries so the user can check his availability and suggest dates and time slots to vote for
    • Send poll to the participants via SMS (Push Notifications and E-Mail coming soon).
  • SDKs automatically sync with the Gatherer Backend
  • Invited people vote in the hosted Webinterface
  • Admin Dashboard to get your API key and set your brand color and logo


We are three Co-Founders from Austria and we absolutely love what we do

Photo Desiree Zottl

Desiree Zottl

Chief Executive Officer

Desi is CEO at Gatherer and is responsible for the operational business, fundraising and pitching. She has also an active role in our product development by implementing the iOS app and SDK.

Photo Michael Kräftner

Michael Kräftner

Chief Financial Officer

Mike is CFO at Gatherer and is responsible for financial planning and record keeping. He has also an active role in our product development by implementing the Android app and SDK.

Photo Aleksandar Palic

Aleksandar Palic

Chief Technology Officer

Aleks is CTO at Gatherer and is the backend software engineer. He is responsible for the Gatherer software architecture, quality assurance, performance and scalability.